About Us

Next Generation Express (NGE) is a dedicated transportation partner headquartered in Ontario, Canada with over 20 years of logistics experience. Specializing in Reefer shipments, we leverage our expertise in custom temperature-controlled transportation to help you solve cold- chain issues and mitigate future risk. Our account managers find opportunities for your company to turn your cold chain into a competitive advantage as our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure timely and safe delivery. We give you complete control of your supply chain and combine our service quality, experience in logistics, and cutting-edge technology to provide reliable and competitive cost-effective logistics solutions.

Environment Stability

The environmental commitment at NGE starts with an expert team that is constantly searching for the most sustainable, low-cost transportation methods. We are currently focused on optimizing fuel usage and further investing in electric vehicles while looking to incorporate a fully transitioned fleet in the next 5 years.

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