Our Fleet

We are the link between you and your customers. This is why Next Generation Express is committed to a flawless delivery experience. We uphold your brand’s image and integrity with a superior service quality and high-quality equipment. We identify and use the appropriate equipment with set points, floors, durable scuff liners, insulation and other important factors. We carefully train our team to monitor all aspects of transport to ensure seamless delivery. Our preventative maintenance program means we only use reliable and well-maintained equipment. Trailers and trucks are checked every 15 days by our certified mechanics and go through a full inspection.All regularly scheduled maintenance is done on time and our drivers do a complete and thorough check of the truck and trailer before any trips they make.

We run only the finest equipment, with automatic and manual transmission trucks. Our fleet consists of 32 trucks and tandem trailers which provide reliable year-round capacity and come with custom-built equipment solutions. We have the ability to adjust resources for seasonal highs and lows. Our average fleet age is 36 months with reliable, well- maintained Volvo, Freightliner and Kenworth models. We offer both dry vans and refrigerated trailers. Our refrigerated trailers leverage real-time satellite tracking and visibility technology to monitor freight wallets in transport and allows for remote temperature control.

Cargo Quantity and Type

We account for what is being transported, how it is packaged, whether or not it is palettized, the slip sheet, size of pallets, spacing etc. This allows for efficient and low risk logistics.

Temperature Requirements

It is crucial to spec the trailer to the temperature band and range you need and select the relevant mode on the reefer (stop start, or continuous). We set these requirements, translate them to drivers, and monitor them constantly.

Single Vs Multizone Layout

Our clients can customize temperature zones based on needs. Whether your logistics needs are consistent or variable, we can deliver.

Proper Load Securement

Securing the load properly means ensuring the load isn’t damaged on the way to the final destination. We make sure to get your product to its destination in the same condition we picked it up.