Next Generation Express uses a number of technologies to create value through automating processes, increasing transparency, and analyzing data. Our technological integrations allow us to offer cutting-edge logistics solutions while maintaining a low cost. We integrate our technologies across all channels and layer on our industry expertise to provide a unique combination of operational excellence and outstanding customer service.

On Demad Tracking

On Demand Tracking ensures that the goods are delivered in a timely manner and we at NGE are diligent in ensuring our staff provide a great experience from door to door. We give customers real-time visibility of fleet movement to keep them in the loop.

Electronic Dispatching & Logging

We use electronic logbooks along with our satellite truck tracking to remain compliant. Our safety and compliance office monitors driver logs after dispatching our trucks through our e-portal. The office monitors all of the drivers logs and compliance takes action for drivers under any violation

Remote Temperature Monitoring & Control

All trailers have up to 6 months history of temperature control logs mounted within the trailer retrieved and surveyed on a weekly basis. We leverage real time tracking and visibility to monitor freight wallets in transport and control temperature conditions remotely.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our investments in cost-saving technologies including single and multi-temp configurations and composite floor structures in our trailer means we can offer custom solutions at a lower cost to your business.

Centralized Invoicing

At NGE, we minimize risk and reduce overhead costs by creating automated standard operating procedures including automated invoicing with summary and detailed information

Management Reporting

Next Generation Express understands the importance of reporting and statistics to management teams in evaluating the effectiveness of their logistics solutions providers. We are confident that we deliver the best service. That is why, we provide custom reporting as per client request to be scoped during the kick-off process. We provide thorough reports summarizing KPIs relevant to clients and can provide raw data for internal reporting purposes.