Safety and Security

Damage and Claim Free

Next Generation Express knows our drivers are at the core of our outstanding service quality. Our hiring practices ensure we retain top talent. We strive to cultivate a positive work environment in which drivers can learn, grow, and feel safe. Our drivers adhere to NGE’s strict standards for driver appearance and professionalism.We have some of the lowest driver churn in the industry. Not only our drivers happy, but they are aware and compliant with company values and procedures.

Driver Brand Representation

Our drivers go through rigorous interview and testing before joining our fleet.We only hire people with more than 5 years of logistics driving experience. After that, we take in-house knowledge and driving test to confirm the aptitude of our drivers. An NGE driver knows that your customers are our customers and works diligently to keep them happy. They handle products with care, show up in customer branded uniforms, and act with the utmost professionalism when representing your brand.

Standardized Training

All drivers follow clearly outlined professional processes and etiquette. They are always in touch with headquarters, are proactively made aware of inclement weather, accident, traffic incident, and other procedures to mitigate any additional risk posed to your cold chain.

Safety First Culture

A logistics provider instituting a safety-first culture.Our team at NGE focuses on reducing time lost to driver injuries and preventable accidents.We issue a driver playbook to all drivers with Site Specific Operator Guides. This helps our drivers have end-to-end knowledge on what is expected and the safest way to handle any situation.

Experienced Team

Our experienced fleet operators allow us to deliver top notch service quality with a culture that has safety embedded at its core. Our drivers reduce route times with their route optimization and are experts at handling your products from door to door.Our dispatchers and operations team make sure you and your clients are getting premium service and support and our management keeps the team running cohesively at all times.

Inclement Weather Plan

Each of our team members is handed an inclement weather plan when they join NGE as part of their training material. This covers all emergency procedures, temperature control guidelines, driving procedure, and equipment maintenance, among other topics. In case of unforeseen weather conditions, the client is immediately notified of the delayed shipment and the projected shipment time.Drivers are advised to use their experience, discretion, and company issued warnings through CB radio when routes have unsafe driving conditions.


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