Our Team

Industry Leading Driver Program<

NGE hires experienced drivers, trains them further, and incentivises them to stay with industry leading pay, benefits, and support. NGE only hires drivers with at least 5 years of experience with another carrier. Over 2 thirds of our work force has over 10 years of driving experience. The NGE team has centuries of combined logistics experience. Before our drivers join, we screen them through a written assessment and driving test. We combine these test results with their references and confirm their experience in the industry. NGE promises its drivers stable work. We host events like our Driver Appreciation Retreat to keep our staff up to date on company initiatives and ensure they feel valued in their job. Our drivers have the full backing of our management to go through our leasing program and become NGE Certified owner operators.

Client Account Managment

A partnership with NGE means access to industry leading expertise, a solid track record of reliable delivery, fleet capacity, and Best in Class service quality. Our active account managers oversee drivers and provide customer support 24/7. The optimization engineering team works to optimize the shipping strategy of our customers. We increase the velocity of our trips through stop minimization, minimize total miles, minimize payload, and reduce carbon emissions per shipment as our experts help our clients chose the right options for their operational needs.

Expert Dispatch Team

Our dispatch team is safe, professional, and knowledgeable. We hire experienced dispatchers and provide them with custom training to allow them to adhere to strict standards of customer service we have at NGE. Our dispatch team works around the clock to ensure that we deliver an outstanding customer experience on behalf of your company.

Mike Bal

Mike has been in the industry for 20 years. He started as a truck driver and then worked as truck mechanic for ten years before starting NGE. His tenured cross-functional experience makes him the ideal logistics partner to deliver excellent driver standards and maintain an optimal fleet operation.